According to ancient Shinto belief, gods and spirits resided within the natural world inhabiting trees, rocks, rivers and mountains. To this day, ancient trees are wrapped with rope and decorative strips of white paper and considered sacred objects. The traditional Japanese buildings crafted from untreated wood and fitted with impeccable joints without the use of nails was born of this reverance for the natural world.

At Hida Tool, we proudly offer our customers top of the line quality Japanese hand tools. These are the same tools often employed by traditional Japanese architects, construction workers and temple builders. Many of the tools are still hand forged by blacksmiths using the same crafting techniques passed down through the generations.

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Saw Sharpening Feather File, Oneside Coarse
Item# D-TT-934-MULTI Size: 75mm (3" blade)             overall ..
Mitsukawa Handmade Cross Cut Saws
Item # D-MK-113-MULTI Recommended for cutting: General lumber, joinery Type of blade: Cro..
Mitsukawa Handmade Hardwood Cross Cut Saws
Item # D-MK-113H-MULTI  Recommended for cutting: General lumber (hardwood), joinery ..
Mitsukawa Detail Saw Set of 5 w/ Canvas Case
Item# D-MK-SO5C Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, joinery Type of blade: 5 kinds in..
Mitsukawa Ryoba Flush Cut Saw / 120mm (4.75")
Item # D-MK-124-120 Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, dowels, bamboo nails Type of ..
Mitsukawa Narrow Saw / 160mm (6.5")
Item# D-MK-124-160 Type of blade: no set TPI: Cross cut:25 3rd generation Mitsukawa c..
Mitsukawa Flush Cut Saw / 130mm (5")
Item # D-MK-124-130 Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, dowels, bamboo nail Type of b..
Gyokucho #1150 Flush Cut Saw / 100mm (4")
Item # D-GC-#1150 Recommended for cutting: Dowel, bamboo nail Type of blade: Flush c..
Gyokucho #1160 Issunboshi Pocket Saw
Item# D-GC-#1160 Recommended for cutting: General plywood, bamboo, plastic, lumber less than ..
Gyokucho #1151 Flush Cut Ryoba Saw / 125mm (5")
Item # D-GC-#1151 Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, dowels, bamboo nails Type of bl..
Replacement Blade / Gyokucho S-1160
Item# D-GC-S1160 Replacement blade for Gyokucho brand #1160 Retractable blade saw "Issunboshi..
Fukagawa Azebiki (Panel) Saw / 80mm (3.12")
Item # D-FG-121-080 Recommended for cutting: Curves on boards, general lumber Type of bla..
Maruoto Kojikun Double Edge Keyhole Saws
Item# D-MN-119-MULTI Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, thin boards, sheet rock, cutting..
Yamamoto Folding Saw 150mm (6")
Item# D-ZZ-EDOME Recommended for cutting: Dry wood, wet wood, general lumber Type of blad..
Replacement Blade / Gyokucho S-840 (All purpose folding saw)
Item# D-GC-S840 Replacement blade for Gyokucho brand #840 all purpose folding saw, 200mm (8")..
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