According to ancient Shinto belief, gods and spirits resided within the natural world inhabiting trees, rocks, rivers and mountains. To this day, ancient trees are wrapped with rope and decorative strips of white paper and considered sacred objects. The traditional Japanese buildings crafted from untreated wood and fitted with impeccable joints without the use of nails was born of this reverance for the natural world.

At Hida Tool, we proudly offer our customers top of the line quality Japanese hand tools. These are the same tools often employed by traditional Japanese architects, construction workers and temple builders. Many of the tools are still hand forged by blacksmiths using the same crafting techniques passed down through the generations.

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Replacement Blade / Z-SAW Woodpecker Mini-Panel Saw
Item# D-ZS-S121-150 Replacement blade for Z-SAW woodpecker mini-panel saw, 150mm (6") ..
Tajima Chalk Powder, Black / 300g (10.5oz)
Item# D-TA-681-300B    Blue, red, yellow and white chalks are extra-fine to co..
Takenoko Sharpening Stone 8000grit
Item# D-TN-8000 Grit: 8000 grit Size: (L) 8 3/8" x (W) 2 7/8" x (H) 1" This synthetic..
Tajima Plumb Rite w/ Bob 400G
Item# D-TA-PZB-400G It is a plumb line holder with 14oz. bob. It has a pin, magnet, and hook ..
Mitsukawa Handmade Cross Cut Dozuki Saws
Item# D-MK-117-MULTI Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, dovetails, tenons, dry bamboo ..
Koetsu Finger Plane #16 / Groove Plane 15mm
Item# D-KE-207F-012 Manufacturer: Hiroetsu LLC Blade set at: 45 degree Blad..
Kitayama 8000 Grit Stone
Item# D-KT-8000 Grit: 8000 grit Size: (L) 8" x (W) 3" x (H) 1" This synthetic, water ..
Tsubosei Dry Line w/ Plastic Wheel
Item# D-TU-658-130P   Body Material: Wood Wheel: Plastic A dryline is a too..
Mitsukawa Handmade Rip Cut Dozuki Saws
Item # D-MK-118-MULTI Recommended for cutting: Detailed work, dovetails, tenons Type of b..
Naniwa Ebi Ceramic Sharpening Stone 10000 grit
Item# D-NW-10000 Grit: 10000 grit Size: (L) 8 3/8" x (W)2 7/8" x (H) 7/8" A synthetic..
Shinwa Dry Line
Item# D-SW-77446 Body Material: ABS Resin Line Length: 15m (46') Size: (L) 4" x (W) 2..
Honyama Natural Slip Stones
Item# D-NT-HON-MULTI  Grit: approximately above 6000 grit Size: 3mm = (L) 3" x (W)1 ..
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Gyokucho #105 Razor Saw Crosscut / 255mm (10")
Item # D-GC-#105 Recommended for cutting: General lumber, plywood, laminated board, dry bambo..
Synthetic Nagura Stone (Small)
Item# D-ZZ-NAG-6000 Grit: 6000 grit Size: (L) 3" x (W)1" x (H) 7/8" A nagura stone is..
Replacement Blade / Gyokucho S-105 (Crosscut)
Item # D-GC-S105    Replacement blade for Gyokucho brand #105 cross cut saw, 2..
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