Shinwa Square / Inch (12" x 6")

Shinwa Square / Inch (12" x 6")
Brand: Shinwa
Product Code: D-SW-632-12IN
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Item# D-SW-632-12IN   

Material: Hardened stainless steel

Measurement: (Front face) -12" x 6" scale in divisions of 1/16"

                                                  - Divisions of 1/32" up to 6" on longer side, up to 3" on shorter side

                            (Back face)  - Same inch scale as front face

                                                  - Marume scale (circle circumference scale)

                                                  - Kakume scale (scale used to determine the size of a square timber that can be cut from a round log.) 

                                                  - Hole depth measuring scale up to 3". (Marked on the bottom of the longer side)

It is an L-shaped tool used to draw layouts, measure length and calculate angles. A Japanese square has measurements on both front and back. When the long blade is standing vertical and the short one is facing right, you are looking at the "front" of the square. This square comes with a system based on the square root of 2 called "kakume"  and a circumferece scale called Marume on the back face.

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