Stone maintenance tools

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Synthetic Nagura Stone (Small)
Item# D-ZZ-NAG-6000 Grit: 6000 grit Size: (L) 3" x (W)1" x (H) 7/8" A nagura stone is..
Synthetic Nagura Stone (Large)
Item# D-ZZ-NAG-CB Grit: 6000 grit Size: (L) 2" x (W) 2" x (H) 2" A nagura stone is us..
Steel Plate (240mm x 60mm x 8mm)
Item# D-ZZ-ST-PLTL Grit: none (smooth piece of steel) Size: (L) 9.5" x (W) 2 3/8" x (H) 1..
Carborundum Powders
Item# D-ZZ-PW-180 Grits: 180 Carborundum powders are used on the steel plates to flatten ..
Naniwa Carborundum Powder 120grit
Item# D-NW-PW-120    Grit: 120 grit Carborundum powders are used with the ..
Shapton Flattening Plate Naoru
Item# D-SP-NAORU-C Grit: none (flat steel with grooves) Set includes: Flattening steel pl..
Shapton Flattening Powder Fine #S0504
Item# D-SP-PW-180 Grit: 180 grit A powder designed to be used along with the Shapton flat..
Shapton Flattening Powder Medium #S0503
Item# D-SP-PW-240  Grit:  240 grit A powder designed to be used along with the ..
Horai Flattening Block w/ Glass & Sand Papers
Item# D-HR-SAND-BL Set includes: 1x glass plated base, 1x 60 grit sandpaper, 1x 80 grit sandp..
Horai Sand Paper for Stone (60 grit)
Item# D-HR-SAND-ST Grit: 60 grit Size: (L) 16" x (W) 4" Horai brand sand paper desgin..
Horai Sand Paper for Plane Block (80 grit)
Item# D-HR-SAND-PL    Grit: 80 grit Size: (L) 16" x (W) 4" Horai brand..
Suehiro Adjustable Stone Holder
Item# D-SH-ST-HLDR    Size: (L) 9" x (W) 3 3/8" x (H) 1 1/2" A rubber ston..
Montblanc Super Togeru Sharpening Guide
Item# M-5500 Size: (L) 4" x (W) 3/4" x (H) 1/2" Anybody can easily sharpen a knife while ..
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