Ishihisa Smoothing Planes

Ishihisa Smoothing Planes
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Item #D-IH-201-MULTI

Blacksmith: Katsuji Ishida

Blade set at: 41 degrees

Blade angle: 28 degrees

Type of steel: White steel #2, forge-welded to soft iron

Dai (body) wood: White oak

Dai (body) length: Ranges from 9.5" to 11.5" depending on the width of blade

A smoothing plane is used to smooth the roughness and tears of a wooden surface. Compared to a block plane, a smoothing plane has a bigger body and can be used to smooth large boards and lumbers. 

The chipbreaker which is the second blade that comes with the plane, breaks the wood fibers immediately after they are cut and reduce tears.

Ishihisa planes are hand forged by Katsuji Ishida, a blacksmith in Sanjo City, Niigata pregecture. His planes are easy to sharpen and the block needs fewer adjustment before use, compared to other planes. Recommended for first-time Japanese plane user. *Almost all traditional planes require several adjustment before use because the plane makers leaves the plane in an "almost-ready to go" condition on purpose to allow every craftsman to make their preferred adjustments.

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