Imanishi Combination Stone 400/1200 Grit

Imanishi Combination Stone 400/1200 Grit
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Item# D-IN-400-1200

Grit: 400 grit and 1200 grit

Size: (L) 8" x (W) 3" x (H) 1 1/4"

The 400 girt side of this stone is coarse enough to remove small nicks and to restore an edge quickly. The 1200 grit side allows for medium polishing and yields a sharper, more polished blade. It is important to keep the slurry-like paste (which forms when sharpening the tool) from leeching onto the other side of the stone as this can lead to a mixture of the two grits.  Recommended for Mcusta Zanmai knives.

The stone should be soaked with water before use, and preserved dry when finished.

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