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White Steel vs Blue Steel Chart

Learn more about the difference between white and blue steel in this guide. Read more (pdf).

Sharpening Kitchen Knives

Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives with a water stone. Read more (pdf).

Sharpening Japanese Chisels

Japanese chisels are made by forge-welding a layer of carbon steel to a softer rion backing. After shaping, hardening and tempering, the carbon steel forms the cutting edge and the iron adds toughness to withstand the impact of a hammer. Read more (pdf).

About Waterstones

Man-made sharpening stones are made of synthetic abrasives such as silicon carbide, diamon powder, oxides of aluminum, chromium,  magnesium, and cesium, or natural stone powder (honyama-do). These are combined in proprietary mixtures with binder ingredients and fired to form rigid blocks. The harder versions are often referred to as "ceramic", although in fact, all are ceramic products. In Japan, the most popular  brands are King and Bester. Read more (pdf).

Using Carving Chisels

Guide on how to use various carving chisels for different cuts. Read more (pdf).

Using Bamboo Splitters

How to use a bamboo splitter from Hida Tool. Read more (pdf).

Hoe Instructions

Instructions for IKA Hoe and other hand hoes. Read more (pdf).

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