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Creating  Your Own Japanese Garden
Item# M-B-0962 Title: Creating  Your Own Japanese Garden By: Takashi Sawano ..
$32.00 $28.80
Silky Brand Nevanon NBN-135 Non-Stick Scissors
Item# M-4121    True to their name, these scissors slice through paper, adhesi..
$27.90 $25.11
Tenugui Japanese Towel - Iris & Pond
Item# M-7104 Overall size: 35" (L) x 13" (W) Finish: Plain cut, edge not hemmed A ten..
$3.90 $3.51
ARS 120S-7 Pruner 7"
Item# N-4001    Blade steel: High carbon steel (coated with hard chrome) L..
$66.90 $60.21
Nishigaki Karikichi Hedge Shears (Gold / 180mm)
Item# N-6003 Blade steel: High carbon steel Largest diameter it will cut: 1/2" ..
$75.90 $68.31
Bonsai Wire 5.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8358 Thickness: 5mm Total length: 1.8m (5ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
$6.90 $6.21
Kozuchi SO-11F / Holder for Okubo Shears w/ Hook
Item# N-KZ-SO11F Overall size: 9" (L) x 5.25" (W) Made of real leather (cattle). The case..
$16.90 $15.21
Kikuhamon Kama Kebiki (Marking Gauge), Oak / Small
Item# D-KH-260SO Body: White oak Blade steel: White steel Body length: 3.5" Blade..
$50.90 $45.81
Tokuzo Santoku (All purpose) Knife w/ basic handle / 170mm (6.75")
Item# C-TZ-320-170 Overall length: 11.75" Blade length: 6.75" Weight: 0.25" Blade..
$44.90 $38.17
Bamboo Knife Block
Item# C-MY-BLOCK1 An original product introduced by Miki Kajiyamura. This knife stand is made..
$220.90 $198.81
Saboten One Touch Extendable Rake
Item # N-2208    This small, adjustable hand rake is great for clearing trimmi..
$12.90 $11.61
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Item# N-3101 J-hook is used as a needle when making bamboo fences. It will help move the rope..
$18.90 $17.01
Frog (Round / Mini Small 36mm)
Item# N-5102 Diameter: 36mm (1.41") Weight: 75g Needle material: Brass Frogs are ..
$4.90 $4.41
Kusakichi Hatchet Both Side Beveled 210mm
Item# N-7344 Overall length: 17" Blade length: 8.5" Weight: 1.51lbs Sheath: Comes..
$81.90 $73.71
Super Green Bag Size Medium
Item# M-1002    #120  length 18.5” x width 18.5” x height 21.7” ..
$40.90 $36.81
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