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Iron knobs
Item# T-6004, T-6003, T-6002, T-6001 Material: Iron    Color: Dark g..
W745 Copen Pulls (red)
Item# T-W745-040, T-W745-050 Material: LVL (Laminated veneer lumber)    Finish..
W20 Round knobs (white)
Item# T-W20-025, T-W20-030, T-W20-035, T-W20-040 Material: Birchwood layered and heat pressed..
W23 Wakasa knobs (white)
Item# T-W23-015, T-W23-018, T-W23-020, T-W23-022, T-W23-025, T-W23-030 Material: Birchwood la..
W35 Cylinder knobs (type L)
Item# T-W35-018, T-W35-020, T-W35-025, T-W35-030 Material: Birchwood layered and heat pressed..
W135 Round knobs (black)
Item# T-W135-040, T-W135-050 Material: Birchwood layered and heat pressed    F..
W140 Cylinder knobs (black)
Item# T-W140-015, T-W140-020, T-W140-022, T-W140-025, T-W140-030 Material: Birchwood layered ..
W190 Takao Knobs (black)
Item# T-W190-015, T-W190-018, T-W190-020, T-W190-022, T-W190-025 Material: Birchwood layered ..
W425 Roman Knobs (brown)
Item# T-W425-015, T-W425-018, T-W425-020, T-W425-022, T-W425-030 Material: Birchwood layered ..
W490 Cylinder Knobs L-type (brown)
Item# T-W490-015, T-W490-018, T-W490-022, T-W490-025, T-W490-030 Material: Birchwood layered ..
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