Iron Pulls

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Warabi / (Nagaza) Long Plate
Item# T-1001(X-large), T-1002 (large), T-1003 (medium), T-1004 (small), T-1005 (X-small) Mate..
Warabi / (Maruza) Round Plates
Item# T-1011(X-large), T-1012 (large), T-1013 (medium), T-1014 (small), T-1015 (X-small) Mate..
Hirukan pulls / (Nagaza) Long Plate
Item# T-1033 (small), T-1032 (medium), T-1031 (large)    Material: Iron  ..
Hirukan / (Maruza) Round Plates
Item# T-1041 (large), T-1042 (medium), T-1043 (small) Material: Iron    Color:..
Yamashinakan Pulls
Item# T-1053 (small), T-1052 (medium), T-1051 (large)     Material: Iron ..
Moon Pull
Item # T-1101    Material: Iron   Color: Black  Finish: Hammer ..
TB-1 Ring pulls
Item# T-1312, T-1311 Material: Brass   Color: Shiny grey T-1312 (small) Di..
Shinkyo pull (small)
Item# T-1301 Material: Brass    Color: Black finish Ring pull di..
Iron knobs
Item# T-6004, T-6003, T-6002, T-6001 Material: Iron    Color: Dark g..
Diamond Pull
Item# T-1201 Parts included in 1 set: 1 x Pull, 1x plate and 1 xpin Length of pull: 2 1/4..
SB-1 pull with flower plate
Item# T-1061 Material: Brass  Finish: Silver Length: 3 3/8" Center of hole to ho..
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