Japanese gardens reveal themselves to us slowly; their greatest magic is not achieved by the perfect maple or twisted pine or offset stone, and it is not the cherry tree, full of blossoms that inspires us—rather it is that hushed living landscape they create, the unbalanced harmony of water, rock and tree which allows us a space to focus inward, a place to seek the beauty which lies unseen.

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ARS 120S-7 Pruner 7"
Item# N-4001    Blade steel: High carbon steel (coated with hard chrome) L..
Kanenori Hedge Shears w/ Oak Handle 150mm
Item# N-6023 Blade steel: Hitachi Yasuki Steel (white) Largest diameter it wil cut: 3/8" ..
Kusakichi Hatchet Both Side Beveled 210mm
Item# N-7344 Overall length: 17" Blade length: 8.5" Weight: 1.51lbs Sheath: Comes..
Sap Remover (Yani pika)
100ml (3.38oz) spray bottle Type: Synthetic detergent Contains: Mineral water, surfactant..
Create  Your Own Japanese Garden
Item# M-B-8044 Title: Create  Your Own Japanese Garden By: Motomi Oguchi with Joseph..
Nishigaki Karikichi Hedge Shears (Gold / 160mm)
Item# N-6001 Blade steel: High carbon steel Largest diameter it will cut: 1/2" Overal..
Seikouba Sickle Medium Blade
Item# N-2112 Recommended for: cutting grass, harvesting Blade steel: High carbon steel la..
Hori Hori w/ Long Handle
Item# N-2511 Recommended for: Breaking soil, transplanting, weeding Blade steel: High car..
ARS Garden Grape Scissors
Item# N-4131   Blade steel: Stainless steel Largest diameter it will cut: 1/8" O..
Frog (Round / Mini Large 46mm)
Item# N-5103 Diameter: 46mm (1.81") Weight: 120g Needle material: Brass Frogs are..
Kamaki Extendable Lopper Rakubuto
Item# N-6141 Blade steel: High carbon steel coated with teflon Largest diameter it will c..
ARS Long Reach Pruner (1.8m, 6')
Item# N-4206   Recommended for cutting: Green wood Largest diameter it will cut: 1/2..
Kusakichi Wide Hoe
Item# N-7004 Recommended for: Breaking soil, weeding Blade steel: High carbon steel O..
Kusakichi Nejiri Scraper (Long Handle & Neck)
Item# N-2222    Recommended for: Scraping off and removing surface weeds, digg..
ARS 120S-8 Pruner 8"
Item# N-4002    Blade steel: High carbon steel (coated with hard chrome) L..
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