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Tanaka Signature 64 Layer Damascus Santoku All Puropose Knife
Item# C-SK-320-165 Blade Steel: Powdered Stainless Steel / Super Gold II  Blade leng..
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Shigeki 3D Handle Chef's Knife /185mm (7.25")
Item# C-SK-210-185 Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel finished with damascus layering Bla..
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Kiyotsuna Left Hand Deba Knife /165mm (6.5")
Item# C-KT-600-165L Blade material: Hard stainless steel alloy laminated with stainless steel..
Fujitake VG-10 Chef's Knives
Item# C-FT-200-MULTI Blade material: VG-10 stainless steel Blade length: 8.5"-10.5" depen..
Kanetsugu PRO-S Series Slicer Knife
Item# C-SG-900-240 Blade steel: Ice hardened molybdenum stainless steel Blade length..
Mikihisa Small Deba Knife / 75mm (3")
Item# C-MH-600-075    Blade steel: White steel #2 laminated to soft steel ..
Takamura VG-10 Petty Knife 130mm / 5.12"
Item# C-TR-500-130 Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel Overall length: 9.5" Blade..
Fujitake Bread Knife / 250mm (10")
Item# C-FT-700-250 Blade material: Molybdenum hardened stainless steel (VG-1) Blade lengt..
Zanmai Damascus Chef's Knives
Item# C-ZM-200-MULTI Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel with damascus layering Blade leng..
Midorihamono VG-10 Slicer Knife / 240mm (9.5")
Item# C-MD-900-240 Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel Blade length: 9.5" Ov..
Midorihamono Wa Series VG-10 Slicer Knife w/ Octagon Handle
Item# C-MD-910-240 Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel Blade length: 9.5" Overall..
Fujitake Slicer Knife / 210mm (8.25")
Item# C-FT-430-210 Blade material: Molybdenum hardened steel (RC-60) Blade length: 8" ..
Individual steak knife
Item# Blade steel: stainless steel Blade length: 4" Overall length: 8.5" Overall ..
Montblanc Super Togeru Sharpening Guide
Item# M-5500 Size: (L) 4" x (W) 3/4" x (H) 1/2" Anybody can easily sharpen a knife while ..
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