Moribashi Magnolia Professional Kitchen Hashi

Moribashi Magnolia Professional Kitchen Hashi
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These kitchen hashi (chopsticks) are designed for the professional chef. It features stainless steel lower sections which not only are heat resistant, but also will not absorb (and thereby leech) flavors from one dish to the next.

Magnolia is often used in Japan for cooking utensils as it is strong, flexible and will not warp--a great example is the menbo, or rolling pin used for stretching udon before it is cut. This wood has natural anti-microbial qualities.

These hashi are often used in Japan for plating sashimi, tempura and putting decorative finishing touches on fine appetizers, entrees & desserts. They have the elegance to fit in at the finest sushi bar, and the functionality to be loved in the home kitchen as well.

Wood Antimicrobial Magnolia
Steel Type Stainless Steel

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