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Bonsai Wire 1.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8351 Thickness: 1mm Total length: 47.2m (154ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Kiyonar Wound Sealant for Bonsai & Grafting
Item# M-5701    Apply this wound sealant to branches that have been damaged or..
Genzo Hamono Okubo Bonsai Shears (High Carbon Steel)
Item# N-8005 Blade steel: High carbon steel laminated with soft steel Largest diameter it..
Bonsai Wire 1.5mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8352   Total length: 20.9m (68ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) Anodized ..
Bonsai Wire 2.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8353 Thickness: 2mm Total length: 11.7m (38ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Bonsai Wire 2.5mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8354 Thickness: 2.5mm Total length: 7.5m (24ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Bonsai Wire 3.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8355 Thickness: 3mm Total length: 5.2m (17ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Bonsai Tweezers Straight Point 8"
Item# N-8042 Material: Stainless steel Overall length: 8" A tweezer with a spatula bl..
Bonsai Wire 3.5mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8356 Thickness: 3.5mm Total length: 3.8m (12ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Bonsai Rake/Spatula 10"
Item# N-8044 Material: Stainless steel Overall length: 10" A bonsai rake with a spatu..
Bonsai Wire 4.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8357 Thickness: 4mm Total length: 2.9m (9ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Kikuhamon Branch Cutter 6.5" (High Carbon Steel)
Item# N-8101 Blade steel: High carbon steel Largest diameter it will cut: 13/32" Over..
Bonsai Wire 5.0mm (100g, 3.5oz)
Item# N-8358 Thickness: 5mm Total length: 1.8m (5ft) Total weight: 100g (0.22lbs) ..
Bonsai Wire 1.0mm (1kg, 35oz)
Item# N-8361  Thickness: 1mm Total length: 472m (1548ft) Total weight: 1kg (2.2l..
Bonsai Wire 1.5mm (1kg, 35oz)
Item# N-8362 Thickness: 1.5mm Total length: 209m (685ft) Total weight: 1kg (2.2lbs) ..
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